Look at Our Fall 2019 Events

I believe that artists, through their gift of in-sight and sensitivity, open the way to the new, through images of our evolving moment in history.  Like the mystics, artists envision our new reality before others and are called to live into it in both image and in their lives, before it is enfleshed in society. 

Pat Irr, OSF

Are you an artist? A painter, a writer, an experimenter, an encourager, a collaborator, and/or a celebrator of the Intersection between Art and Spirituality? Are you inspired by spending time with artists who share this vision?

Anawim Arts encourages you a look at our expanded Schedule of Events for the Fall of 2019.

Here is a quick overview of the opportunities:

  • Join a four week Wisdom Writers Circle beginning September 5.
  • On September 22, spend an afternoon with Mystics Among Us exploring what it means to be a mystic and balance inward and outward expression.
  • In October, there are two options for experiential retreats – a day long retreat on October 15 in Wheaton, IL and an expanded two day retreat on October 26-27 in Frankfort, IL. Each retreat will offer the opportunity to “unleash the creative mystic in yourself, and express your soul through movement, art, writing, and circle sharing.”
  • And don’t miss the Fall Art Show that will open with an Artist’s Reception on November 10. The deadline for submissions is October 28.
  • New this year – In conjuction with the Art Show, we will be publishing a Fall Literary Journal on the theme of Wabi-Sabi. The deadline for literary submissions is October 14.

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