Art and the Corona Virus

Some Thoughts and an Invitation. (Updated)

As we begin this week most of the world finds itself in the middle of something new and threatening. The members of the Anawim Board all live in a state where we have been ordered to “Stay at Home” since this past Saturday. Our events are cancelled or going on-line. Our anxiety and concern for those who are going out to work as well as for those who are losing their employment is heightened. We are well aware that some of our friends, family members and fellow inhabitants of the world have been living with this for many weeks already. We are trying to learn from you.

Now we are living with an odd paradox of being cut off or “social distanced” from each other at the same time that we are keenly aware of our connections and interdependence. We have turned to virtual meetings and on-line family gatherings for comfort and support. We know that when we can find that comfort and support, we do not seem so distant even if we are across the globe.

Is it possible that the sense of the importance of connection we are experiencing is the hidden gift of this time? The video by Riya Sokol seems to suggest just that. (Make sure that you also see her follow up remarks at the end of this updated post).

We want to invite the members of the Anawim Arts Community to embrace the vital capacity of art and spirituality to speak to our current situation. In particular we invite you to submit your works of visual art, writing, or original music to be posted on our website. The works should speak to the unique challenges and opportunities of producing art in the time of the Corona virus. Written submissions should be no more than 500 words. Work can be submitted to

As we post new work, we invite you to enter into discussions with the artist and each other as we encourage and challenge each of us to create and grow even in difficult times.

Please invite your friends to join us in this artistic dialogue by going to our website and following us.

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