Birthing Paradox

there is hope
in the dynamics of death,
and the miracle of re-birth.

in labor pain
followed by the joy of life.

in caterpillars eating mindlessly,
weaving a web of transformation
and a cocoon of possibility

in humanity.
consuming voraciously,
to fill its immature desires,

while seeking more,
a deep call,
Within the mystery of the heart

Ah, the heart of humanity,
born to reflect
the glory of it’s maker,
the beauty of love

the call to birth a new
consciousness in our midst.

Pat Irr, osf

True Medicine:  There is the hope that what must die is the immaturity of humanity in order that the metamorphosis will yield new life.   The birthing of  consciousness requires the labor pains of our day.

Art in the time of the Corona Virus – We invite the members of the Anawim Arts Community to embrace the vital capacity of art and spirituality to speak to our current situation. The works in this series will be gathered into a special edition of our on-line journal.

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