A Time for Desert Places

Writing from Morocco, Clotilde de Maroussem offers us these desert photographs along with her thoughts on the importance of taking time for the desert places.

I went to the desert after some cruel events in France in Islamic-Christian relationships.

Lives offered
Lives stopped
Deaf language

The desert, a favorable place to swing back and be comforted in times of turbulence. The stripping and the natural purity of this place have come to put these events which have a strong impact on me, in their place and in their right measure. The experience of space and the starry nights came to pacify my soul. The silence helped me to make that connection which gives meaning to my life and my current mission.

Photos – The desert and sand dunes of Merzouga in Morocco

In Clotilde’s words and photos, it is possible to see an invitation. The season of Lent offers a time to seek out the desert places in our lives. When we alter familiar routines, we can become aware of how often we use those routines to avoid these places that we might have thought were painful, dry or empty. And yet, within the quiet of the desert places we might find silence and comfort we need.

What are the desert places in your life? What beauty and clarity might you find there?

4 thoughts on “A Time for Desert Places

  1. This covid time is a desert of sorts certainly helping me return to the essentials and appreciate each new sign of life.

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