Reaching for the Sun

What Later Proves to be Alive

It’s been such a winter

The snows were especially
              long and cold

I stopped going out

I stopped wanting
              to go out

I stopped

My tears froze
              my eyes
stuck shut

But then,
              whether I wished it
              or not

The sun came back

It’s warmth
a burn
of thawing ice

My eyes blinked
to the light

J. Wachowski

Reaching for the Sun

Cold teeth
the bars that trap me inside
              house, mind

not enough

The drumbeat falls
drip by drop
melting into something
softer, wetter
a place where
life can begin

It’s just beyond the pane
where my window frames
in those dark fractal woods
for the sun

now enough

J. Wachowski

Image by Cari Shields

Enjoy this contribution to the Either Side of the Window project. We’d love to have your contribution in art, photography or writing. Send it to or post something on our Facebook page.

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