Summer Interlude

As June comes to a close, those of us who live in the northern hemisphere enter the fullness of summer. For many, this is a time for taking a break from the typical schedule that keeps us so busy throughout the other three seasons. If we are lucky, we find time to get away and enjoy a different pace. With the loosening of COVID restrictions, many are celebrating reconnecting with family and friends.

At Anawim Arts, we are also taking a bit of a break from scheduled events. But we know that the drive towards creative expression does not take a break, so we are excited about some opportunities to continue to share inspiration and energy over the rest of the summer.

We have been offered the gift of several inventive music videos by Australian recorder virtuouso, Genevieve Lacey. We will be posting these sublime performances for you over the coming weeks. A few of the videos directly relate to the Eco-Art theme that we will be exploring later this year.

As we look forward to the second half of the year, we plan a focus on Eco-Art. Stay tuned for further information about our Fall Journal and Fall Art Show. In the meantime, consider how you will share your ecologically informed creative expressions with us.

This is an excellent time to visit or revisit the Creating Space episodes on our website. The videos include interviews with a variety of artists, writers, or musicians about their artistic journeys. The goal is to inspire each of us as we think about ways that we can deepen our creative practices.

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