Spring 2022 Journal – A Collection from the Wisdom Writing Circles

The newest edition of the Anawim Arts Journal features poems and short essays from eight of the writers who have participated in the Wisdom Writing Circles. It has just been published on our website. To read the journal, go to Spring 2022 – A Collection from the Wisdom Writing Circles.

We hope you take some time to read and enjoy the various works that reflect on themes of inheritance, challenges, first days, beauty, and mystery. You might notice shared themes in some pieces that developed from prompts offered in the Wisdom Writing Circles. We encourage you to take time to sit with a piece and let it serve as prompt for your own reflections either in writing, art and/or life.

Here is a poem by Paula Jo Hruby to get you started.

Morning Blossom

Some days begin sleepy and slow.
There is resistance to begin,
to join in the bloom of the day.
My heavy eye lids want to open;
yet, they remain closed, like a tight bud
with its sepals still stuck together.

Deep inside, I am stirred,
Like a kind, seasoned gardener
mixes plant food in the watering can.
Showered by the sun’s bright welcome,
my cells absorb the refreshment.

In quick succession, my eyes open and
my arms and legs stretch from their long-held position
and move the covers from my hidden body.
I inhale the light, “Bonjour Mon Coeur!”
Awake and energized for this new day on planet earth.

If you would like to learn more about Wisdom Writing Circles, you can read about them on our website. You might consider joining one in the future.

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