Carlos Vera

We are pleased to be able to include this contribution from a friend in Spain.

Translation :


Days full of enigma.
A world which once was clean
and could be again
-if we allow it…-.
Laughters whose hope is gone.
Rivers that don’t flow.
Crossing thresholds,
slamming doors…
Reviving reminding scents…
Reviving past joy;
suddenly, transported.
We stop.  We walk.
Long sidewalks ahead…
We can’t get away from them.
Silent tiles on the pavement
-with cracks-.
Is this the end?
From the ground they watch
footsteps, footprints and strides.
Changing perspective.
What are we waiting for?
Uncertain horizons, distant prospects.
A prelude, maybe a sunset.
A reflection of an empty center.
Maybe it will be over soon
or maybe not.

Bio – Carlos Vera was born in Madrid, 1985. Beyond that, there are no more specific data. Everything that happened after that moment have been coincidences of destiny; a path that has been given. A path to were? He doesn´t know nor he matter. Signals are there, all in due time. Yes, he graduated in English philology. Yes, he specialised in teaching and translation. He ended up working in England and, by chance, in France.

Bohemian and revolutionary soul? Yes, a little bit. Conservative soul? Some times. As everyone worth his salt, he is everything and nothing, A mixture of colours, as it must be. He refuses to be otherwise, because it would be like limiting himself.

Writer by need, teacher by conviction, and father. There is only one thing that can define him: the need to share. Member of the collective of independent Literature Letras&Poesía. Winner of the prize “2018 Best new writer” and “2019 Writer” in this collective. Author of the books of poems Trazas de vida (Traces of life) and Tú, yo y el mundo (You, me and the world) and contributor to the anthology  Tren sin parada (Non stop Train).

He is also author of the childish story about family diversity
¡Me encanta mi familia! (I love my family) You can find more about him in his blog:

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