Catherine Fey

Dying to New Life (2018)

Image: 10 ½ in. W x 13 ½ in. H

Framed: 16 ½ in. W x 19 ½ in. H

As a theology teacher, I often pointed out to my students that the Resurrection should not be considered such a bizarre idea. In fact, dying to one form of life in order to birth a new form is a universal principle of creation, observable in everything from the smallest seeds to the supernovae that formed the elements of which we are made.

In my retirement, I have time to study and record the not-so-minor miracles of nature, such as the new growth bursting forth from the papery layers of this amaryllis bulb and its joyfully dancing roots.

A former humanities professor, who has also worked as a fiber artist, I now spend many happy hours in my studio exploring botanical art in graphite, watercolor, colored pencil, and pen & ink.

Catherine Fey

2 thoughts on “Catherine Fey

  1. Fabulous art piece! I am familiar with the work of Catherine Fey as a textile artist and her attention to detail continues in her drawings.

  2. I was blessed to know Cathy for years as a Benedictine oblate, a wise and witty woman of many talents! Happy to see this new chapter in her life!

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