Clotilde de Maroussem ibvm

Radical TILT

Radical TILT

Taken in August 2020 in the country side of the little town of Asilah in the North of Morocco. I am in the car and appear this buckboard with these two men on the over side of this little road. I put my head at the window and while I was going to photography them I realized through the rear-view mirror of the car that another situation is going on in my back: a homeless person with all his plastic bags. I took the decision to put both in the same picture.  In this time of uncertainly where life’s conditions can switch quickly, from normal life to poverty, let the gift of compassion grow in us for the needy one.


Taken in 2017 in the royal town of Meknes, which has been the capital of Morocco under the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismaïl (1672–1727) and from that time remain palaces, fortifications and city gates. For years a gate (bab in Arabic) represent security, stability, power and figuratively the boundary of our own safe place in us. But now our points of reference have moved and our vision of life has change.  How open is our door for the new?


The city’s garbage of Asilah town burning on an early morning of September 2020 with these storks which don’t migrate anymore between Europe and Africa.  The addiction to rubbishes and plastics, has made them transgressed their instinct and forget the beauty of the journey in fresh air.

BIO – For more than twenty years I have been working in the field of spiritual accompaniment and photography has helped me a lot to develop: patience, observation, acceptance of what I see / hear and the discernment of the choices to be made depending on what I want to convey through my photos. Sensitive to the beauty mainly of nature, I want to involve the one who looks at my photo.  

2 thoughts on “Clotilde de Maroussem ibvm

  1. Need a change. I can hear loud and clear the storks saying : Thank you Clothilde for noticing! With them I thank you for opening my eyes further and deeper on our common need. May this picture be printed and published!


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