Cari Shields

Fall 2019: Wabi-Sabi

Before Sunrise – Haiku Chain

The trees, pond and birds
Outside my open window
Before sunrise comes

Before sunrise comes
A phone call breaks the silence
My father fell again

My father fell again
He’s lived beyond life’s pleasures
I argue with God

I argue with God
Why does death come too early
And sometimes come too late

Through the open window
Cool air and bird songs find me
Pink sunrise tints the sky


Cari Shields is a self-proclaimed “dabbler” in the arts. She considers the time that she takes to write, draw, sew or take photographs as part of an exercise of living mindfully in the world. “For me it is less about the finished product and more about practicing the discipline of observing and being present in a given moment.”  

Cari Shields is on the board for Anawim Arts and coordinates the work on our website.

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