Chris Arnesen

2022 Spring Journal

I Want to Inherit the Wind

I want to inherit the wind
I want to inherit the wind and then
I want to put it in my pocket
     and pull it out now and then
     when I need a cool breeze
     or when I need to be reminded of my powers

And of course it stands to reason then
       I should grab the sun and the moon and the stars too since
       since I’ve inherited the wind.
I’ll wrap them all up in a sparkling sack of cosmic majesty
      and put it at the foot of my bed for me alone to admire.

And every night I’ll blow a star back to the skies as a gift
     from a grateful and magical me.

Chris Arnesen: I’m short and skinny and I walk with hesitation which makes me tentative in most things except for writing – my mother encouraged me, and now I have discovered this group that has been so supportive.  I worked as an RN for 45 years which probably didn’t do my back any good but oh well.

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