Marilyn Peretti

Fall 2020: On the Theme of Tilt

Lock Down Days

One day and one day
and one day again

merging into each
other like floating fog,

at least it seems
that way, except

for online Sunday church
there would be no seven,

and I check the calendars
on my iMac screen,

at the cluttered desk and
kitchen wall as my day

moves snail-like
to the end of . . . what?

a hamster wheel
of continuous days

meeting each other
coming and going.

Night’s Mutation

It used to be:
at night no dreams
just darkness,
my self engulfed
in silence of sleep.

Now in quarantine
someone performs tricks
in my black sleep cave,
bringing creatures to life
who meddle and muddle

with my friends,
and strangers appear
doing the unexpected:
teasing me, insulting me,
fooling me,

turning usual times
upside down and backwards,
coloring my thoughts
when I rise, remember,
and try to face a new day.

Jacob in Kenosha

Now it’s Jacob

and his little boys
    saw it all
    from the back seat
the 7 shots
    to their Daddy’s back
as he got into the car

7 shots
    into the lifeline
    his spine
and he cannot walk

Now it’s Jacob

Whose Daddy will it be
    next week?


Marilyn Peretti of Glen Ellyn, has been writing poetry for 27 years, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Prize. She has been published 12 times at the prestigious online site, New Verse News. Also published in Kyoto Journal, Grey Sparrow, Journal of Modern Poetry, Talking River, California Quarterly, Snowy Egret, and others. Several of her books are Let Wings Take You, Lichen-Poems of Nature, To Remember-To Hope.

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