Michele Hempel

Special Edition: June 2022

Creation’s Renewal

If we listen to poetry 
And sing with our hearts
Would not our minds follow
Where our spirits would start?

If we all came together
From without and within
Would wholeness not find us 
And new life begin?

For We are the time
And We are the place
Of creation’s renewal 
And transformational grace.


One came with hope
And one came with fear
And one came with courage
They all drew near.

And one was able to see
And one could understand
And one began to believe
All were led to the Promised Land

For one is not given all
But all can join into one
In our unity of differences
Our Creation’s just begun.


Caterpillar, are you listening?

Do you know who you are beneath all that fuzz and form?
Do you dream of gliding on soft breezes adorned with bright wings yet unclaimed?
Or sipping sweet nectar from the prettiest of flower cups?

Do you fear the necessary darkness that heralds your becoming? 
The closing off of all that’s familiar and comforting?
Leaving home and known in the pursuit of what’s to come?

Have you hope in your emergence from that deep cocooned path?
Is there trust in the architect of your unique journey to provide another way?
Have you faith in a purpose for this mysterious ordeal called life?

Or is it rather your deep sense of knowing, 
Which lives well beyond my limits of ego and fear,
That allows innate wisdom and design to guide you into your own?

Forgive me, caterpillar. 
For I know now that it is I who needs to listen 
And to learn from you.

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