Spring 2022 – A Collection from the Wisdom Writing Circles

We only need to be willing to learn who we are and what the depth of our soul truly wants and needs to express.  While sharing our writing in a safe circle, we learn to trust the process and thereby trust ourselves.  

Peggy Tabor Millin, Women, Writing and Soul-Making

This edition of the Anawim Arts Journal features poems and short essays from eight of the writers who have participated in the Wisdom Writing Circles.

We hope you take some time to read and enjoy the various works that reflect on themes of inheritance, challenges, first days, beauty, and mystery. You might notice shared themes in some pieces that developed from prompts offered in the Wisdom Writing Circles. We encourage you to take time to sit with a piece and let it serve as prompt for your own reflections either in writing, art and/or life. We welcome your reflections and comments.


  • Maureen Burke
    • What Did I Inherit?
    • The Best First Day
    • You Can Do It!
  • Jenifer Cartland
    • On healing and revolution
    • Sacred ground
    • Setting Buddhista in our garden
  • Michele Hempel
    • Dad’s Butterscotch Cookies
    • Things I’ve Inherited
    • Mommy Squirrel
  • Mary Frances Porod
    • The New Principal vs. the Old Problem
    • “You can do this hard thing!”
    • Monarchs in the Milkweed
  • Jamie Weaver
    • Right or Happy
    • Misty Watercolor Memories
    • What I Found

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