Anawim Arts offers art at the intersection of art and spirituality.  Our purpose is to encourage people to discover and express their inner artist.  Our belief is that we are all co-creators in our lives, and as we engage in the creative process, we deepen and express our connection to the Divine.  In our gatherings, both virtual and in-person, artists and would-be artists of written, visual, and media arts support and inspire each other to find the joy in the creative process and deepen their spirituality. Join us. 

Anawim is a Hebrew word from scripture referring to the People of God, the poor and lowly who are dependent on God for everything. Jesus spoke of the Anawim in the beatitudes when he said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God” and Mary sang of the Anawim when she said that God “exalted the humble and meek.”  As Thomas Merton indicated, art is in part about losing yourself. Being willing to be poor in spirit. Our hope is to gather as People of God expressing, in art form, our God-relatedness. 

Anawim Arts is a collaborative ministry sponsored by The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grew out of the work of the Loretto Sisters in Wheaton. For more information visit their web page.