Rose E. DeSloover – Featured Artist March 2021 and Creating Space Guest for March 21

Rose E. DeSloover is a conceptual color/word artist who has been actively engaged in the metro Detroit art community for many years.We are honored to feature some of her work as the Anawim Arts Featured Artist for this month. Rose will also be the guest for the Creating Space conversation on Sunday, March 21 at 3 PM CDT/ 4PM EDT. We hope you will join us.

Rose’s art is an engaging use of found objects creatively transformed. “The juxtaposition of an object, a color and a color title sets up a visual conversation which is sometimes contradictory or paradoxical and whose legibility is not always immediately discernable.”

The creative process directly engages chaos. The process of making art is one way to the individual and the collective unconscious. Using the approach of sustained reflection, the basic motivation has always been the same — to see in a fresh way, outside the normal patterns, to discover or invent new form. Each generation is presented its own array of opportunities, challenges and problems calling for creative involvement. 

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