Creating Space – A Conversation with Robert Lee Fritz

Sunday June 13, 2021, 3PM CDT       

Join Karen Hurley Kuchar for the next episode of Creating Space which will feature an interview with glass artist, Robert Lee Fritz.

Each piece that I create is a story that I’m telling: stories of family, stories of journeys, stories of relationships.

Robert Lee Fritz has worked with glass since 1971. When he established his studio in Lombard, he was the first Chicagoland independent hot glass artist. He specializes in creating hand-blown crystal paperweights, vases, and sculptures on which he carves silhouettes of cranes (the symbol of long life and good fortune), herons, and other Midwestern birds.

He incorporates patterns of dichroic glass into much of his work. Every dichroic piece has a microscopic layer of a variety of materials including titanium, silicon, or magnesium, which reflects three distinct colors when viewed from different angles.

His works have been well received internationally, with exhibitions at Tokyo Crafts Expo and International Exhibition of Glass in Kanazawa. Fritz’s glass has been presented as gifts to the Prime Minister of Japan and the U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

Fritz is represented in private and public collections throughout the United States and Europe. His freeblown glass is in the permanent collection of the Glasmuseum in Ebeltoft, Denmark. He has also been featured twice in New Glass Review, a publication of the Corning Glass Museum in New York.

Quote, images and bio from Fritz’s website, See samples of his work on the site.

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