Creating Space – Dorothy Bury Shaw

Sunday, February 5, 3:00 PM (CT)

Join us for a new episode of Creating Space as Karen Hurley Kuchar hosts a conversation with artist and poet Dorothy Bury Shaw. Many of us were introduced to Dorothy’s extensive body of art and writing through her recent additions to our 2022 Fall Art Show and Journal. We are eager to spend time with her and learn more about her creative process and the inspiration behind her work.

A native Chicagoan, Dorothy graduated from the Chicago Academy of Fine Art.  The academy’s strength was in its esteemed instructors. Most were active in the arts, featured in recent publications, showing in galleries with solo exhibitions and museum shows.  Dorothy soaked up the art culture throughout the city, attending openings and galleries, cloistering herself within the Art Institute of Chicago’s archives in a private viewing room where many hours were spent studying sketches and minor works not on display.  She learned to appreciate all disciplines, all mediums, conventional and alternate.  In the end, she came full circle with a love for contemporary art. 

By nature, Dorothy has always been a seeker, curious about all religions and especially focused on the inter-connectedness she found that unified all of humanity. Through study of the lifework of great teachers she explored archetypes and myth and drew tremendous inspiration from nature. She describes her spiritual inner life in saying, “Underscoring every backroad of this journey was the steadfast love of the One who gave me life, our God, Love without form, my One and my All.”  Her work is a living prayer, an alchemy of timelessness and mystic truths, a visual chant, an imagery of song.  This is evident over and over again to anyone who is drawn to her art and poetry. A book of her art and poetry, Love Without Distance, was published in 2018.

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