Cari Shields: Illustrated Words for St. Patrick’s Day

I Bind Unto Myself Today
The Virtues Of The Star Lit Heaven,
The Glorious Sun’s Life Giving Ray,
The Whiteness Of The Moon At Even,
The Flashing Of The Lightning Free,
The Whirling Wind’s Tempestuous Shocks,
The Stable Earth, The Deep Salt Sea
Around The Old Eternal Rocks.

St. Patrick’s Breastplate

Artist’s note: I have always loved this hymn and particularly the imagery of this verse. For a long time, I looked for artwork based on these words and finally, I decided that I need to create it myself. One of the gits of the Anawim community is the encouragement to try something new. Each image is a simple block print. Here are a few close ups:

This contribution is in response to the challenge to join words, images and spirit in dialog . We invite you to participate in the challenge and share your resulting written or visual art. You can reach us at to share your work.

6 thoughts on “Cari Shields: Illustrated Words for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I love these! The words are so powerful, I can picture the old eternal rocks. Thank you for this OSP gift!

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