Mary Ellen Durbin

Special Edition: June 2022

Morning Haikus


Nothing stays the same.
And so, learn how to let go.
Imitate the trees.

Our world pulsates with
New life and diversity.
Wonders never cease.

To be at home in
This mysterious cosmos
Is to be AWAKE.

We are life on Earth.
Wake up and listen to the
Sounds of Earth crying.

Sanctify the world
With your ordinary life
And your awareness.

At the edge of dawn,
A sliver of a white moon,
Then, slowly, light spills.


The natural course
Is persistent renewal,
Life following death.

I long for wildness
To be deep in the forest,
Where I’ve never gone.

Nature’s paradox:
Water lilies grow in slime,
From mud…pure beauty.

Wild animals don’t
Try to be anyone else.
They are who they are.

The seeds of a greater
Journey are waiting in
Everything around us.

Everything is grace.
Christ-soaked universe!
And all of it… grace!


We belong to Life,
And to all who’ve ever lived.
Transforming Kinship.

Our future depends
On the faith that we are all
in this together.

How deep is the night.
How deep is the Mystery
That dwells within us.

This small, round, blue ball…
everyone who ever lived
shared this sacred Earth.

No one is coming
who will save us from ourselves,
save our only Home.

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