Anne Byrne IBVM

Painting 1 – This is a painting of a Jesuit Retreat Centre at Sevenhill, South Australia which is situated in a winery. Many retreatants come here for retreats and immerse themselves in the peace and glory of Nature. Rich symbolism can be found in the life and growth of the vines. The trees in the picture also have a message ā€“ some are healthy and vigorous and full of life and others are simply bare trunks, having done their work and just rest quietly, awaiting the next stage. 

Painting 2 – This picture is of a young girl walking along a track, surrounded by protective green trees. As she walks along she contemplates the beauty of Nature. She may not know where the track will lead her, but walks along full of hope trusting in what lies ahead. The trees on either side can be seen as protective and nurturing, but sooner or later in life she must branch out and follow her own path in faith.

Painting 3 – This picture is one painted after the raging bushfires which we in Australia experienced at the end of 2020. It caused loss of lives and massive destruction of forests and cultivated land, and the huge loss of wildlife. In this painting, the dead, lifeless trees seem stark and unproductive but the green shoots show the new life that takes place after the fires, with the promise of hope and restoration. 

BIO – My main ministry has been music education in all its forms but I have always been interested in Art. I have not had any formal art training, and after enrolling for a Watercolour course in University for the Third Age in 2000 it enabled me to follow a lifelong desire to pursue this medium. In 2019 I had a very successful exhibition of 20 watercolours to raise funds and awareness for the homeless and I hope to be able to continue in the future to use my art to promote peace and justice.

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