Cari Shields

Sand and Ice I
Sand and Ice II
Sand and Ice III

Artist Statement:

The Sand and Ice Triptych is comprised of photographs taken during a morning walk on the shores of Lake Michigan. The patterns were created by the play of water and wind picking up the sand, freezing it and later washing away layers to intricate textures. The beauty is complex and ephemeral in the spirit of Wabi-Sabi.

The photograph, Station XI – Jesus is Nailed to the Cross, is from a series of photographs for the Stations Journal. This picture includes the shadow of the branch of a rose bush against a garden post, suggestive of the crown of thorns. The original photograph has been enhanced by a filter on the Brush Stroke app.

Cari Shields is an amatuer photographer and a member of the Anawim Arts Board.

Station XI – Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

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