Clotilde de Maroussem

Crabs piece of art near Bagara, Australia
A big colony of crabs showing that, up to now, there is enough food for all
Collaboration of a nest construction in Souillac, Mauritius
A couple of African Masked Weaver in process
The Moon in Rivière Noire, Mauritius
SHE looks as if the coconut branch is holding her
An attitude which should inspire us in our way of being in relation with the cosmos

BIO: I am an IBVM sister, from the tropical Island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean.  I have been a spiritual companion for more than twenty years and have enjoyed walking along the life journey of people coming from different cultures, religions and spiritualities’. 

Having been a lot by the sea and in the forest, nature saw me growing up.  Photography has helped me a lot to develop: patience, observation, acceptance of what I see / hear and becoming more contemplative.

Sensitive to the beauty mainly of nature, through my photos I like to create engaging experiences with the viewer/reader of what touch and question me in life.

8 thoughts on “Clotilde de Maroussem

  1. Bargara’s soldier crabs (Myctyris longicarpus) leave creative intricate patterns with their feeding pellets. These amazing patterns, in turn, remind us of diversity and nature’s abundance when used sustainably! I love the way Clotilde, the artist, draws our attention to this simple, yet powerful concept! The nest-building birds illustrate the value of collaboration, an inescapable fact that all species need to work together to ensure the perpetuation of Life. Clotilde finishes off with a simply beautiful image of palm “hands” holding the moon! A celebration of our connection to the Cosmos! This set of images works together, guiding us to our own space where to add our own interpretation! Thanks Clotilde!

  2. Beautiful art always lifts us up to the divine. I love what you created, Clothilde. love from Rarotonga, Cook Islands

  3. L’œuvre du créateur est devant nos yeux et elle est merveilleuse. Arrêtons de la détruire. Thx Clo

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