Mary Theresa Kane


I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I began my first artistic expression at the age of 5 as a dancer and have continued this practice for my entire life.

In my early 20s I began painting, photography, poetry writing and weaving and continued these practices as I taught and did chaplaincy both at college and high school levels. The creative process was necessary  to find meaning in my ministries. In the 1980s I completed a BFA in Textiles at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design which included working in weaving, tapestry, and printing and painting on fabric.

For the last 45 years I have lived in Saskatoon and at present l am involved in painting, photography, and jewellery making.l often use my photographic images and my poetry as inspiration for my painting projects.

The images I use often put me in a place of reflection, a space to work out a feeling or a question. They provide an opportunity to reflect on the nuances, layers, and textures of my life. Nature, dreams, meditation, found patterns of texture and light and photographs provide images to explore these questions.

In my work I give voice to that which often has no words. Painting gives me that process time when I slow down, try  to listen to my intuition and be present to the work as it unfolds itself.

The chair has often been emblematic of my desire to watch life unfold around me and I am encouraging the viewer to share in this time of reflection.

Spring Breakup on the Path  Photograph of autumn leaves in puddle
Late Afternoon Sun Photograph
Dreamscape Acrylic on wood panel 29×16
The Long Way Home  Acrylic on wood panel 20×16
Early Morning Serenity Acrylic on wood panel 12×24
Early Evening, Saskatoon Photograph
It Was Towards Evening … Photograph
Self Portrait Acrylic on Wood Panel 16×20

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  1. Beautiful warmth! A striking combination of vivid and muted colors. I found myself being peacefully guided into the images. Thanks for sharing!

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