Arlene Ashack

Sr. Arlene, a lifelong artist, is the founder and director of Anawim Arts.  In addition she is deeply involved in promoting peace and justice.  Sr. Arlene serves as the chairperson for the 8th Day Center, the liaison to the IBVM UN NGO office and is a board member for the Institute for Communal Contemplation and for Dialogue.

“I approach creation with an insatiable curiosity and a keen sense of the sacred, viewing each painting as an expression of my spirituality.”  In all she does she interweaves the threads  of art, spirituality and justice.

4 thoughts on “Arlene Ashack

  1. To Sr Arlene
    “Peace Weaver” and “Openings” Do you have prints of these works for sale?
    All of your work is so beautiful!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your work! In particular, Peace Weaver immediately moved my spirit. The gentle flow in each of your pieces reminds me of how quietly the One speaks to me. Sometimes I am so busy making loud noises and cries for peace that I miss the gift. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Peace Weaver is so artistically refined, the colors come together to form a celebration on the canvas,the Dove of Peace has never been as elegant as the artist has portrayed it .

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