Ree McLaughlan Brown

Arch of the Angel
Infinite Hope


Living on five acres in the country, I paint on unexpected surfaces with unusual tools. Metal implements, a sandblaster, torch, air, irons and knives move my paint, wax and inks. A tractor blade shapes rugged edges of my works on granite and marble.

Motion dominates my work. My art dances with vivid color and uplifting emotion.

I have a consistent style of painting that moves with passion, regardless of media. I paint using cold wax and oil paints, acrylic paint and inks, encaustic wax, and alcohol inks. My toolbox includes gold and copper leaf, resin, ashes, charcoal and mark making tools. 

I attended Loretto High School in Sacramento California, with Sr Arlene Ashack, as my art instructor.  Our class was blessed to have Sr Judy Illig join us at our class reunion. I earned a Bachelor of Art and MBA from California State University, Sacramento.

My art is in local galleries of Amador County, public venues, homes of collectors, and my art studio.   The value of my works are above the sales price, made affordable for our rural area, and my intention of making a positive difference in our community.  

“Emancipation” is a framed mixed media.  It was created listening to Bob Marley Redemption Songs – you know things will get better.

“Arch of the Angel” is painted with oil paint and cold wax on rice papers adhered to cradled wood, as poetry in psalm.  

“Infinite Hope” is painted with oil paint and cold wax on wood, adhered to a white frame.  It was submitted to Anawim Arts previously to honor Desmond Tutu. Hope abounds in the light and shadows.

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