Ree McLaughlan Brown

brown genesis ai by ree
brown intersecting paradise ai by ree 400
brown touching the soul by ree


In alcohol ink. Intense colors grab the heart and soul.  Original is in a private collection in Northern California.

Intersecting Paradise

In alcohol ink. In the beginning.. ‘twas miraculous! Original sold to art collectors in the California bay area.

Touching the Soul 

In alcohol ink. Poignant spirituality ~ Original donated to raise funds for the local high school art scholarship through Amador Arts.

Ree McLaughlan Brown is an artist living in rural Northern California with her husband and basset hound.  She attended Loretto High School and has a Bachelor of Art and MBA from California State University of Sacramento.  She is a member of the Amador County Artist Association.

Artist’s Statement: My art paints itself while I play ~ my “toys” are inks blended with alcohol, encaustic wax, a mix of media, resin and enchantment.  I work with air and heat to make my artistry dance with organized chaos.I love to work on unexpected surfaces ~ marble, aluminum, glass, granite, plastics, mineral paper, polypropylene, porcelain, cast vinyl, exotic wood and new discoveries.  Sharing forward, my artistry “makes a difference” ~ Interfaith Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, St Vincent de Paul, local art scholarship fund, hospice programs, wildlife rescue, local high school fundraisers, mission in Togo Africa, cancer research and community needs. Each piece of art shares an emotion and story to engage you.  It is my goal to “make a difference” through my artwork.


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