Susan Strickland

Susan Strickland teaches Anatomy and Physiology at the College of Dupage.  She has been an associate member of the Felician Franciscan Sisters for almost 30 years.  She is a member of St. Matthew Catholic Church parish council and a Eucharist Minister of Holy Communion for the parish and neighboring hospital.  She is a volunteer at Northwestern Home and Health Hospice (Central Dupage Hospital)  and a minister aide at Glen Oakes Hospital.  She currently is in her fourth  year of study of the bible in the Biblical Institute of Diocese of Joliet (BIDJ) and second year of study at the Christos Center, Tending the Holy Program for spiritual directors.  Photography is her hobby along with 3D puzzles and Zentangling. She resides in Glendale Heights, IL with her husband of 29 years and has four adult children.

“I am so left-brained”.  I needed a way to find and engage my imagination.  So, I took deep breath and opened the book, The Artist’s Rule by Christine Painter.  There was a click in the right-brain and words began to flow while gazing upon images I either created photographically or from the use of public images that appeared before my eyes. God was speaking to me, in reflective silence I was able to arranged the collages and pen words as to how I view the world with God in it.

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