In These Times

We invite you to take the time to contemplate these profound images as you pray and reflect on how to best reflect the love of Christ in these times.

Images Credits

Clockwise from the top left:
James LANGLEY (United States) IX Station of the Cross (2008-2012)
Thobias MINZI (Tanzania) Lady with Infant Jesus (2010)
Thobias MINZI (Tanzania) Christ Healing the Blind (2010)
Sergey SZEMIETS (Byelorussia – Poland) Moment of Resurrection (2016)
Thobias MINZI (Tanzania) Christ and St. Lazarus (2010)
Thobias MINZI (Tanzania) IV Station of the Cross (2010)

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  1. Dear anawimarts These pictures are heartbreaking. Applicable in Australia with our own racism. Thank you Maureen


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