Responding to Tilt – Now its Your Turn

The months of October and November at Anawim Arts have been focused on Tilt through the Fall Journal, the Fall Art Show, and two online events celebrating the writers and artists.

Now its your turn!

We’d love to hear from you on the idea of Tilt and how it shows up in your life. Comments, questions, short poems or reflections are welcome.

One member of our community sent us a series of light hearted poems to get us started. We will post a few here and add more in the comment section in the coming days. Please join in.

A Tilt of the Glass

In a moment of snooze
And the blink of an eyelid
A tilt of the glass
A jerk of the wrist
A sea of red
Swept onto the carpet
Painting a story
Better untold!

Deirdre Browne


Testy, she was!
You couldn’t be sure
She’d retain her balance
In any conversation.

The slightest tilt to the right or the left
Would throw her into confusion.

I’m a centrist she proclaimed.
And with that they could all agree!

Her literal mind had slammed the door
On diverse opinions  
For fear a draught got in!

Deirdre Browne