Love Letter from Morocco

Clotilde sent us this update from Morocco.

Whatever the surprises and changes in our lives…Our first love is always remembered!

Twenty-one years ago, while praying during my Novitiate, MOROCCO appeared written in my “inner screen”. From that moment on, the Lord helped me to live a fascinating adventure together with a deeper thirst and desire in trying to understand better as well as searching the means to clarify what this call to the Islamic world meant.

This first call to mission took 17 years to materialize and to experience it during my sixties with a good life experience was very fruitful. My mission in Morocco has arrived to an end after four years.  I leave this country, but part of me will be staying here, as a perfume stuck on my skin, Morocco is an integral part of me.

You can see a full collection of her photos from her update at Morocco, Mon Amour in the Art Gallery.