Bruce Mabee

Earth Rising
Belmont Station

Bruce learned oil painting at age 10, He continued to grow realistic methods and produce commissioned works through his years in school, which helped support his college costs. In graduate school, he began a career as a consultant in organizational strategy and change, and the consulting “art” replaced his painting art. Now, moving toward retirement as a consultant, what goes around comes around: He’s working to pull the art of change into the paintings.

1. Earth Rising.

This painting is a gift to my wife. Her love made me see my world in a new reality! The image of the entire world rising came to me in this “light.”

The image is surreal. The Earth does not actually rise over the horizon! The style is realistic. It’s “just a night scene” with subtle Pointillism sparking the leaves. Some viewers my initially feel they are seeing the Moon rising. Then, “Hey, that’s not the Moon!” 

What do you feel whenever you see the Earth rising?

2. Belmont Station: An Angel’s Glimpse.

I don’t believe that anyone has seen the train station like this. Well, maybe that angel who rose 100 feet above it one afternoon.

I certainly have not been up there. I don’t have a helicopter or a drone. I often see Belmont Station, the #2 stop in Downers Grove, IL, but only from ground level. It looks like a regular train station then.

But one afternoon, riding my bike in the adjacent parking lot, the sunlight surprisingly hit the coneflowers, the trees and the roads. This painting emerged.

Google Maps can show you a cartoon version of the scene way above Belmont Road and Warren Avenue, with the curves of the road and the rails crossing, and Maple Avenue visible in the far south.

Or you may see the real thing one afternoon, if you get a ride upward from an angel.

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