Cari Shields

Weave and Mend I
Weave and Mend II
Weave and Mend III
The Starlit Heavens

Cari Shields is a self-proclaimed “dabbler” in the arts. She considers the time that she takes to write, draw, sew or take photographs as part of an exercise of living mindfully in the world. “For me it is less about the finished product and more about practicing the discipline of observing and being present in a given moment.”  

Professionally, Cari is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who currently works as an individual and family therapist in a group practice. She believes that combining the best clinical skills with a strong sense of creativity and presence sets the stage for people to heal individually and in relationships.

Cari is married with three grown children and three grandchildren who bring her daily joy. She loves being outside with her husband and their dog, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. Cari Shields is on the board for Anawim Arts and coordinates the work on their website.

The photos that are included in this exhibit are close ups of Cari’s original stitching. The stitching pieces are collections of fabric scraps transformed into something new by the use of thread and pattern. The idea of photographing the stitching was suggested by a friend who is a graphic designer looking for images with nuance and texture.  The titles for the first three pieces come from singer Francis Black who has a song entitled Weave and Mend that encourages “gathering the fragments” and finding wisdom. The fourth piece is the first in a series, entitles The Starlit Heavens and echoes the theme of the block prints featured in a post on this website.

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