Clotilde de Maroussem

Bhutia Busty Monastery, Darjeeling / India 2007

Hindu woman, Ganga Talao / Mauritius 2013
At the sanctuary of “Abd al-Salām ibn Mashīsh al-Alamī” a sufi saint, Moulay Abdeslam Ben Mchich / Morocco 2019
Mary and Jesus, sculptor Max Boullé, Loreto Community of Port Louis / Mauritius 2018
Karly feast, Souillac / Mauritius 2013
Mezquita – Cathedral, Cordoba / Spain 2019
Maha Shivaratree, Ganga Talao / Mauritius 2013
15th of August Feast of Mary, Beau Bassin / Mauritius 2010
Shirdi Sai Baba, Ganga Talao / Mauritius 2013
Holy Farther in Arabic, Retreat center of Notre Dame de la Paix, Rabat / Morocco  2017
Puja, Ganga Talao / Mauritius 2013
Nam Shun Fooy Koon Pagoda, Port Louis / Mauritius  2010
Sunshine Turkish Mosque, Melbourne / Australia 2012
Kalimaye in the north, Mauritius / 2010
Mary with Jesus, Sculptor Colin Colahan, used with permission of Xavier College, Melbourne / Australia 2012
Karly feast, Souillac / Mauritius 2014
Bhutia Busty Monastery, Darjeeling / India 2007
ANZAC Day, Port Land / Australia 2011
Prayer of Eid al-Fitr after Ramadan, Asilah / Morocco 2017
Hindu and Tamil feast of Cavadee, New Grove / Mauritius  2013
Grotto, Curepipe / Mauritius 2013
The mosque in the valley between Al Hoceima and Nador / Morocco 2019
Clotilde in India and Morocco
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I am an IBVM, from the tropical Island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. I worked as a tennis coach, also in counselling, but the area of spirituality, as a spiritual directress, is what I have most loved as a ministry, for the last 23 years.

I became aware that I was an artist during my 30-day retreat at the Osterlay Retreat Centre in London, during my novitiate, where there was an art room.

I did final vows in 2010 and my motto in religious life is “Let all be as one”.

Photography is one of my means of exploring different aspects of my vocation where interfaith dialogue and interspirituality becomes very central. In this collection, you will find photos I took in India, Australia, Spain, Mauritius and Morocco; different countries where I have studied, worked, or visited for a holiday.

I have been living in Asilah, Morocco for three years now, and here I have implemented silent and contemplative sessions, with 200 Moroccan women, so far. To allow this interiority I tell stories.

Artist Statement:

Through my photos I like to create engaging experiences with the viewer/reader of what touch and question me in life. In this vision when I take my camera I prefer to be alone and let the inspiration come from inside. It is a process where I need first to smell the area, feel the vibration and tune myself with all these movements in me.

I agree with the Canadian photographer David Duchemin, when he says: The challenge is how to create the illusion of depth (using colors, light and emotions) which will impact the hearts and minds of others.

12 thoughts on “Clotilde de Maroussem

  1. Thank you for sharing your work! I found myself immersed in the culture of the art; like a city for the eyes. Peace!

  2. Thank you for sharing your perceptive eye and heart with us! These photos are very sensitive and invite us into the experiences.

  3. Ton esprit d’ouverture sur les autres religions est admirable. Tu as tout compris. J’ai particulierenent apprecie la photo de la mosquee au milieu de nulle part

  4. Touching the divine and the divine touching me as I am enjoying the diversity n the multitude of ways in which we humans interact/ communicate , alone or / and together, with the visibly Invisible. Merci Clothilde!

  5. Clotilde, Your thoughtful, colourful and expressive photos are a contemplative and artistic way way of creating and encouraging unity in diversity. Congratulations!

  6. I particularly like the puja pic and that of the Hindu woman. Prayer can take such diverse forms …

  7. Kailyne, Sharon, Liz, Carmen, Marguerite and Anne thanks for your comments. It’s have been a pleasure to share these photos with you.
    Sylviane, Jean Marc et Marie Ange merci de vos commentaires et il est bon de voir le parfum des tropiques venant de la vanille et des mangues se mêler à d’autres senteurs !
    Venant du contexte très inter religieux de notre pays je vous encourage à aller à la rencontre des autres dans leurs différences. Nous avons tant à apprendre… et à comprendre …pour un mieux vivre Clotilde

  8. Thank you for waking me up to the wonderful cultural expression hidden in your beautiful work!

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