Susan Daily

Susan Daily with some of her silk works

Susan Daily has always been passionate about drawing. From childhood, she was encouraged by her parents and by her great aunt, a Mercy sister who was a well-known religious artist.

Born in Melbourne Australia, the eldest of five children, Susan Daily grew up in Myrtleford in country Victoria. As a teenager she boarded at Loreto Toorak where her artistic skills were developed. During this time, she began drawing, praying, and illustrating the gospel stories, dreaming that one day she would illustrate a Bible. This was the beginning of her interest in religious symbolism.

Susan entered the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 1960s. She studied Fashion Design, furthering her passion for design and colour. Her interest in Graphic Art was developed when she studied Educational Technology. In 1993 she spent the year at the National Centre for Liturgy in Ireland. The whole year was a feast for her eyes: cathedrals, amazing art, and beautiful liturgical spaces. It was also remarkable to experience Easter in the spring and Christmas with snow. As an avid photographer Susan has recorded her experiences and travels which she has then recreated through her artwork.

Susan specialises in silk painting and in graphics using a variety of mediums including the iPad graphic apps. She shares her skills with teachers and parishes in workshops and in the many publications of her graphics.

Susan has worked in remote Australian communities helping to establish art centres. In 2014 Susan received an OAM (Order of Australia Medal) for her work in Aboriginal communities and for her religious graphics. 

Susan’s mission is to work towards developing a genuine Australian religious art – expressing scriptural themes and images through Australian symbols. Her focus is on using various techniques and products to enhance creativity and giving courage to those who are not experienced in art.

To see more of Susan’s work, take a look at her Facebook page. You can also see her blog at

6 thoughts on “Susan Daily

  1. Thank you Susan for sharing your beautiful work with us. It speaks fully to invitation and celebration. A warm welcome during difficult and conflictual times. It rests in a place of quiet contemplation, yet is so bold in its visual reach. It reminds me of contemporary stained glass, and also the fabric dyeing class I took in school. I think we called it boutiqueing. Congratulations on such a blessed art vocation. Inspiring!

  2. Such astounding colorful beauty expressed in so many different ways! Thank you, Susan. Made me want to come and create with you.

  3. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your amazing work. It is a truly contemplative experience to reflect on such beauty.

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