Georgene Wilson, OSF

Bamboo Blessing

Cherry Blossom


I paint for the same reason that I live, relate and serve.  It is to engage the purpose, passion and pleasure of the spirit of beauty within and around me: all is Divine Donation.  This beauty, by its nature, seeks to give itself away for the sake of the other.

I choose the media of watercolor in order to be at one with the water planet: Earth.  Many of my paintings incorporate a “quilt-like” design that connects me with those folks of the ages who have made beauty and warmth from the “stuff of their lives”, through quilting, weaving, writing, painting, poetry, photography or other forms of connecting arts.  I hope that my art is a blessing for the gazer and that it reflects back some of the beauty of their own soul.

Georgene L. Wilson is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister, a friend, teacher, spirit companion, artist, and poet and a retreat animator.  She lives as a neighborhood contemplative in Wheaton, Illinois at Wisdom Webbings Anchorhold.   Out of this neighborhood house of prayer and service she invites others to engage whatever their lives present and return blessings so that together we may make of this world something beautiful and ONE COMMUNION.


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