Lynne Kornecki

Chrystal Christmas
Colored Pencil on Black Paper

Seashore Sunset
Water Color

Remember Rose
Colored Pencil 

Lynne had no formal training in drawing until 2014 when she enrolled with a local art teacher who gave fine art lessons in colored pencil in her home. Lynne always loved working with color and pursued many artististic hobbies over the years, but the missing piece for her was drawing. To her surprise she watched her projects take shape each week and was soon completely hooked on the drawing process. One unexpected but delightful outcome of her new hobby was the cameraderie and friendships that blossomed with her fellow art students during their weekly classes together. Lynne’s next logical art step was to begin photographing her own subject matter for her drawings, and has especially enjoyed producing Christmas cards for her friends and family each year based on her photos. Whether with camera in hand or a colored pencil, Lynne is always ready to capture that next engaging image.

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