Noreen Lassandrello

Shooting Star
In Her Words
Field Notes

Born in Chicago in 1957, raised in the outskirts of Chicago, attended Catholic schools grades 1-12.

Religious imagery has had a profound effect on my world view. Throughout my life, I have studied the art world on my own. First by collecting art, I learned what I liked and didn’t like. When I began creating my own art, about 20 years ago, I had gained an idea of different aspects of modern art and contemporary art. After attending several workshops I began to develop my own perspective.

The pieces in this exhibit were completed during Covid. My birth-mother, whom I had a close relationship with, contracted Covid and then passed away due to complications of Covid in late 2020. And then in February of 2021, we welcomed a lovely granddaughter in the world.

Shooting Star and In Her Words are part of a series relating to the death of my birth-mother. I used the text from the letter she had written to me before we had even met. It is full of love and yearning and guilt. In Shooting Star, I used the words as the tail of a shooting star. Sending my birth-mother/star off trailing her heartfelt words behind her.

In Her Words, I was inspired to show the outline of a girl, myself, dwelling is the words that have meant and continue to mean so much to me. It is a darker piece which I hope conveys some of the loss and grief I live with having only known my birth-mother for 8 years.

Dwell-ing: a shelter(such as a house) in which people live

Field Notes was also created as part of series relating to my birth-mother. Though it is full of Nature images, there is a reference to “Mother”. And as Nature is such a healing source, I have focused a good deal of my time reflecting in nature and contemplating on my journey these past 3 years.

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