Rick DeCorie

Krape Park Waterfall
Big Boy
Seen Better Days

I currently live in Cissna Park, a small farming community, with my wife Monica. Our town is about a 45-minute drive south of Kankakee.

Photography has been a part of me since my teenage years. I remember using a variety of cameras until I got my first 35mm camera in the 1970s. By the next decade I was into digital photography. I am now using a Canon 80D camera with several different lenses.

I photograph old, rusty, or abandoned objects. They can be vehicles, buildings, or other items. My favorites include old cars and buildings.

Some of my work has been shown in locations throughout central Illinois. These include coffee shops, art centers, and galleries.

As a photographic artist, I capture the ordinary or forgotten things all around us. I give them new life so that they may be enjoyed again. Many of the things I photograph are older than I am and may only be a memory to those old enough to remember them when they were new. In a way, my images are a means of preserving the past as it is now.

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