Rose DeSloover

Willie Nelson No 2 of Sacred Moments in the News
The Jesus Clause No. 4 of Sacred Moments in the News

Dacca No 7 of Sacred Moments in the News

Artist’s Statement – Sacred Moments in The News is a conceptual mail-art piece which began in 1987. Selected news items from the daily paper, printed on postcards were mailed out on an occasional basis to approximately 200 artists, educators, theologians and friends. The postcard documented a moment in time. A series of moments where fact and humor combined to provide a moment of enlightenment — a moment of insight into the apparent incongruity in any given situation. The cards hint at profound ideas or beliefs. Over time, they give insight into a certain mind-set or thinking pattern. In the “thirty second soundbite” format, they are an extremely efficient commentary.

I want the cards to be public — to go through the mail or be on exhibit — to become part of a larger discussion because what they describe or what they hint at has public consequences. The cards invite the reader to pause for a moment as they stand in their kitchen or hallway going through the day’s mail or walking through a gallery.

I think of a moment not just as a unit of time but as an opportunity, an opening. I want the cards to serve as a moment of connection or engagement. I want readers to be struck by a notion, a thought and the humor of it all.

The theologian, Mary Daly, in her book, Outercourse, describes a moment. “The word moment is derived from the Latin momentum, meaning ‘movement, motion, moment, influence.’ It is believed to be rooted in the verb movere, meaning ‘to move.’ Virginia Woolf suggests that ‘moments of being’ are experiences of seeing beyond the ‘cotton wool of everyday life’ and understanding context.”

Artist Bio – Rose E. DeSloover is a conceptual color/word artist who has been actively engaged in the metro Detroit art community for many years. She has a B.A. in Art from Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and M.F.A. in Drawing from the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont California. She was on the faculty of Marygrove College for 44 years retiring from the position of Dean of the Visual and Performing Arts Division in 2013. She has participated in exhibits in numerous locations, in and around the State of Michigan, as well as in the U.S. and in Bonn, Germany. She was the Director of The Gallery at Marygrove College for 23 years, during which time she brought hundreds of artists to the attention of the Detroit community.

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