Dorothy Bury Shaw

Fall 2022

Journey Without Distance

In the presence of You
I forget this day and tomorrow.

You speak my name and
I tumble into your Heart.


You surround me.
It is You I breathe,
nothing else do I need.

Here I am, aware,
but not expectant.

I have come so far
in this journey without distance.

My soul has become a bird,
and You are my wings,
the essence of my being.

© 2021
Journey Without Distance – see larger image in the Art Gallery

Persephone’s Daughter

She fears not these dark days,
nor the molecular marvels of her underworld.
Real as they might appear, they hold no place
in the wakening spectrum of her consciousness.

With a fearless wisdom
and an emboldened knowing,
she does not blink at a discomforting awareness.

Around her, in the depths of blackness,
the earth’s own alchemy molders with perfection.
What masquerades as dull, leaden silence
is weightless in this sanctum.
Root tips are etching delicate fractals,
and a radiant warmth emanates.

In her utter stillness
without thinking, without judgement,
where light is felt, not seen,
when day and night are indistinguishable,
where life and death are one,
she creates and delivers.

She burrows deeper with no exertion,
afloat on the buried river of dreamlessness,
until she surfaces once again,
with a toss of her rumpled hair.
The shadows of leaf buds cast freckles on her shoulders
as she heralds the springtime.

© 2017
Persephone’s Daughter – see larger image in the Art Gallery

A Fractal Beauty

There you are.
I have looked for you
as you hid behind your words.
I searched for you
but you were wearing a stranger’s face.

All I ever wanted was you,
perfect in your imperfections.

Yours is a uniquely fractal beauty
unlike all others.
You embody kindly and powerful forces
you’ve yet to behold.

The mighty All-in-All
who scattered eighty-eight constellations
of a hundred billion stars
formed just one of you.

This certain Someone
tenderly and proudly
oils the hinges of the gateway into your birthright.
It is ready to swing wide at your touch.

© 2020

Writer’s Statement: There is often a spiritual current that occurs, enabling me to write from my truest self, when the ego is subdued. My verse touches upon a broad range of human experience, tapping into the darkest recesses where our fears reside, followed by gentle, penetrating light to soothe the heart and bring clarity to the restless soul. I feel the hand of the Divine upon my shoulder with every word I write, and feel the mystics smile.

Bio: Dorothy Bury Shaw fell in love with poetry as a young girl. She memorized hundreds of poems during her youth and eventually began writing poetry as a means of processing stirrings of her heart, and preserving spiritual insights that sparked within her. Dorothy is most influenced by the sacred writings of the mystics. In recent years she began to share her poems, discovering that they touch others in beautiful ways. A book of her art and poetry, Love Without Distance, was published in 2018.

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