Patricia Essig

Holy Days

What are we being invited to during these holy days?
Social distancing does not mean we can’t reach out with our hearts
To those we love as well as to the ends of the earth and beyond.

Are we noticing that the sky is bluer than before
The stars brighter
That the dolphins have returned swimming in the canals of Venice?

These are holy days
Can we understand there is a need, and it’s beginning now, for all of life to cooperate with the movement of evolution?
Can we participate in this mutual enhancing relationship with our planet?

These are holy days
As we focus on health and well-being for ourselves and our love ones can we remember that we belong to each other no matter where we live, what we believe in or what the shade of our skin is?

Can we slow down enough to notice the miracles of new life blossoming all around us?
 It won’t happen as we binge on television
Only as we tell a vision
Of the beauty and love unfolding in our lives
Learning and relearning how compelling the world’s power is and how quiet the Divine’s voice is in comparison.
It will happen as we pray for those suffering and as we are grateful for those who are helping us stay safe and caring for us
When we recognize the Divine in our life
And in all of life

How are you envisioning these days as holy?

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