Spring 2021: Either Side of the Window

In the Spring of 2021, we invited our readers to contribute art and writing related to the ways that our perspectives are formed from inside and outside. This journal includes those contributions.

We are still here, looking out of our windows. It’s March 2021 and it has been a year since we began stay at home orders and social distancing and all of the other restrictions that came with the challenges of COVID. For most people, this has been a year that held times of apprehension, sadness, frustration, and fatigue. Yet, for many there have also been surprising new perspectives, connections and creative expressions.

It seems like a good time to look at our lives from either side of the windows; windows that keep us in or windows that open us up.


  • Window ViewsPhotos by:
    • Mary Val
    • Gall Hoffman
    • Annie Bromham
  • J. Wachowski
    • What Later Proves to Be Alive
    • Reaching for the Sun

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