Tangled Times

One day
So solitary
Next day

A tangled mess
That’s what
Pandemics do

But so much more…

A call to
Growing an inward awareness

A sensitivity
To the other
To meaningful community

An outward view
An evolving sense
Of global connections

A new world rising?

Poem and Artwork by Arlene Ashack

Art in the time of the Corona Virus – We invite the members of the Anawim Arts Community to embrace the vital capacity of art and spirituality to speak to our current situation. The works in this series will be gathered into a special edition of our on-line journal.

3 thoughts on “Tangled Times

  1. Your piece of art combined with your poem gave me a lift on a dreary day … hope springs eternal. Together the artists will lift us up and bring a new light to our coming days. Sent from my iPhone


  2. Very powerful, Arlene. Thank you for sending. Fabulous work! Such a crazy world at the moment. I wonder if we’ll learn what we need to before it’s too late. Maybe it’s already too late. So many interesting articles – will send a couple of really good ones – if I can! Sometimes I have a hard time doing so! Hope all is good . Stay safe!

    Sent from my iPhone


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