Kailyne Waters – September 2020 Featured Writer

We are pleased to announce that starting this month, we will be featuring a writer each month as well as continuing to having a monthly featured artist.

This month we are featuring Kailyne Waters. Kailyne is a media maker by trade, including director/writer of two award-winning short films.  The first, an art-house love story that addresses childhood abuse and the impact on intimacy. The second, an animated tale of a shopping cart that goes rogue and sets out on an adventure to change his fate and ends up changing the world around him. 

We first met Kailyne when she participated in our Spring 2018 Poetry Reading in Honor of Mary Oliver. After that event, she sent us a beautiful poem reflecting on the day. Since then, the Anawim Arts community has benefitted from her thoughtful observations and contributions to our events.

Here is an excerpt from her poem, Pilgrimage.

We are, after all, wanderers
              lost, looking for a way
to see ourselves as part of it all.

The hill climbs on its own, we follow
              thinking that our feet on dirt
and clay will move us closer, closer still.

Are we called to something
              else beyond a travel log with dates and
times stamped with scars and motors from frames
of cars that leave?

To read the rest of this poem and three other poems, see Kailyne Waters’ Featured Writer page.

If you have not already seen it, you will also enjoy Kailyne’s award winning short firm, The Go Cart

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