Either Side of the Window

Thankfully, most of the icicles have melted. But we are still here, looking out of our windows.

It’s March 2021 and it has been a year since we began stay at home orders and social distancing and all of the other restrictions that came with the challenges of COVID. For most people, this has been a year that held times of apprehension, sadness, frustration, and fatigue. Yet, for many there have also been surprising new perspectives, connections and creative expressions.

It seems like a good time to look at our lives from either side of the windows; windows that keep us in or windows that open us up.

We invite you to participate by sending an image of your view from either or both sides of the window. You may submit a piece of artwork, photography, or a short written reflection. Please send it to anawimarts@gmail.com and we will post it on our Community Conversations Forum.

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Inside, warm and cozy,
But some days, oh so confining
Just to hear another voice
Touch another person
                           Becomes such a need

Outside ten inches of snow
With sunshine making it glow
And footprints of little creatures
Suggesting other forms of life
                           And another world

Two opposite window views…
Not really.  One draws inward
The other outward
Actually a broadening and deepening
                           Enriching the soul

Remove the wall
And it’s one world
With its pain, struggle,
Joy and delight
                           All the parts evolving us

Who would have thought
Covid would open us
While closing us down
Poignantly revealing the
                           Hidden treasure of ourselves

Don’t jump to the outcome
Stay with the moment, they say
The journey offers
An excitement
                           Can I receive it

The mystery of it…
A paradox…
That dark and light
Enhance the sight
                           Allowing us to shine

Laugh in the dark
Cry in the light
It’s all one
Gifts in disguise
                           Giving us life

Poem by Arlene Ashack

Photo by Cari Shields

11 thoughts on “Either Side of the Window

  1. The image looking in out was fascinating because I saw it as both of the same. The icicles looked like trees which also looked like they were more in than out, which went along with the out of the trees. Without the inner focus providing the icicles we would not have the life and focus of the outer side–the tree or tree of life.

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  4. I love the view presented in the photo by Cari Shields. Such an image of icicles which look very much like trees superimposed on actual trees makes us think of the paradoxes painted in Arlene Ashack’s beautiful poem. Thank you both for these evocative pieces of art.

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