Creative Sparks

We are excited to introduce a new feature on the Anawim Arts blog that we are calling Creative Sparks. This is a part of the Community Converstation where you can share an idea, prompt, challenge, tool, quote, or any discovery that has been a spark to your creative imagination.

An alternative name for this feature was “My New Favorite Thing.” This does not have to be a grand or completed concept – just a seed or spark that you are hoping will grow or ignite.

We have several sparks that we will post over the next few weeks. From there, we hope that you will share your own creative sparks or “new favorite thing.” Tell us about your creative spark and how it inspired you. You can add a challenge or question to encourage interaction.

You can do add your spark by commenting on a post or by emailing us wth your spark at We are also eager to hear what one of the published sparks ignites for you.

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