A Gathering

Robert Frost’s poem, I Could Give All to Time, ends with the idea that in spite of the relentlessness of Time, we can gather and keep the things that we have held, crossing them to Safety.

I could give all to Time except – except
What I myself have held. But why declare
The things forbidden that while the Customs slept
I have crossed to Safety with? For I am There,
And what I would not part with I have kept.

As my friend was living in the last days of her life, I wrote a poem for her inspired by all of the things that she taught me about being human, about living and dying. I imagined her surrounded by all of the things that she had held and loved.

For April: A Gathering in Purple and Teal

Gather it to you
Summon all of the beauty you have known
Bid the company of
            the strength of an old oak
            the promise of budding flowers
            the comfort of the warm sun on your face         
            hands that channeled wonder with a paint brush
            fingers that lovingly touched the dirt
            the lap that held and nurtured children who now nurture you
            shared laughter and shared tears
            kind words given and received
            bold thoughts that deepened friendship
            and a little sass
Call on
            the life that you birthed
            in home and garden and hearts
            the life that will continue to grow
            generously outward
            from all of the seeds you have planted
And when it is gathered
            dress it all in purple and teal
            and dance
And call it love.

Cari Shields

Spark: What would you gather for yourself or a friend? What have you “crossed to Safety with?” Can you write, draw or paint what you would gather? See below if you want to share your work.

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  1. Thank you Cari for your most delightful and hopeful poem which spoke into our lives this morning.

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