Mary Southard – from the 2022 Fall Art Show

Hail Mary

Artist’s Statement – Each of the three paintings flows from a dynamic moment of Conscious shift or awareness or evolution which has had and continues to connect with our daily lives as Christians and as planetary people.

Each of the Sculptures “tunes in” to the Mystery of a dynamic moment of Consciousness: a shift of consciousness, contrast of the defensive consiousness touched by Grace in “Peace Prayer”. (so timely for our moment in history). Joseph and Jesus celebrates a sacred Father/Son moment.

PEACE PRAYER: Cast Plaster, 18”, on plaster and wood base. “I will take from you your stony hearts and give you hearts of flesh.” This sculpture Celebrates the moment of hope and the possibility of p-Peace on our planet and in our relationships, when the feminine dimensions of the Human Soul will reach the consciousness of our Oneness with all other beings, especially our fellow Humans. In that realization that we share life and resources of this planet together. Such a consciousness (Grace) will bend and touch and heal those places in Humanity which are fearful, defensive, protective, stiff, selfish, exclusive.

JOSEPH AND JESUS: Life-sized, cast Fiberglass. This sculpture captures a dynamic moment between Father and Son when the work pauses and questions are asked and responded to, meanings explored, knowledge explored and shared, and love and regard are experienced.

Bio – Mary Southard is a sister of St. Joseph, and artist and gardener, whose creative work explores and celebrates our journey of the human soul as we continue to awaken to our true place in the community of life here on this Planet Earth.

The artist featured in this post is one of many who contributed their work to the 2022 Fall Art Show – The Mystery of the Moment. You can see the entire art show here.

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